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Ghibli Cats Sticker Sheet

Ghibli Cats Sticker Sheet

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4 Stickers
Sheet size: 14,8 cm × 21 cm / 5.83 × 8.27″ (A5)
Glossy finish
Fast and easy application

Stickers are shipped from our locations in Europe and the USA


  1. Apply the sticker on a surface that's clean, without dust, oil, or moisture.
  2. After sticking it, press down with a clean cloth to make sure it sticks well and doesn't get air bubbles.
  3. Try to get it right the first time you put it on. If you need to re-apply it again, it might not stick as well.
  4. Only put the sticker on flat surfaces. If you put it on something that bends, is round, or shaped like a cylinder, we can't guarantee its ability to stick.
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